July 23, 2012

Pimples and Blackheads: Tips on how to Avoid?

Posted by Sashi at 12:46 AM
Found this tips on Tumblr, posted by thenurseinpink. So, just incase you're having problem on your face, check out on how to avoid on having pimples.

1. Proper Hygiene

You’ve got to wash your face regularly. For example, you went out or you just got home from school, the first thing you should do when you get home is to wash your face.

Then you’ve got to wash it again before you sleep. And use those facial wash that are mild for the skin. The unperfumed ones are even better coz the perfumed ones usually contain more chemicals and can dry the skin. :)

2. Oil Control

If your skin is so oily, you better buy a baby powder. It’s controls oil and is very mild for the skin unlike make-ups and foundations.

3. Home Remedies

A home remedy you can use to eliminate pimples and make your skin softer or whiter is to use FRESH MILK (1 glass) and then mix around 5 pieces of Calamansi or 2 pcs of lemon. You can also use some honey. Then mix it all together. Cool it for some time. And then place it on your face like a mask. Wait for around 30 mins and then rinse it. :)

4. Proper Diet

Eat lots of green, leafy vergetables and fruits! Avoid junk foods and too much oily foods. :D Also take more Vitamin C and Vitamin E. You can get this from the multivitamins you can get on drugstores.

Drink more than 10 glasses of water per day. Hydration keeps the skin smooth. :)

5. Proper Sleep and Avoidance of Stress

Make sure you get enough sleep! It’s good for your whole body. And try avoiding stress too. Stress causes pimples. :)

6. Never ever pop your pimple

It could scar your face and can cause the germs from the pus of the pimple you popped to spread to your face, causing more new pimples.

If you have a pimple, just put pimple cream and let the pimple dry. Never ever pop it. It will cause black spots and scars all over your face.

If you do not have money for a facial, just use a facial wash that has those tiny beads to exfoliate your skin (remove dead skin cells) and also dirt. :)\

7. Get a Facial regularly

Get a facial regularly to remove blackheads and dirt that has accumulated on your face.

8. Exfoliate!

Use a facial wash that has those tiny beads to exfoliate your skin (remove dead skin cells) and also dirt. :)

Exfoliating also helps removing the dark marks caused by pimples. :D

9. Got Black heads, White heads? Here’s a home remedy for you. :D

For blackheads all over the nose, you can buy one of those face masks you see in health and beauty centers. They’re cheap and works very well! :)) Also, you can buy those pore strips that you can specifically place on your nose.

For easy home remedy solution to blackheads, this is what I do. After I’m done taking a bath, (after I’ve soaped and scrubbed myself and my skin is soft because of the water) I squeeze my nose using my thumb and pointing finger and all the blackheads and whiteheads come out. :))

Make sure your skin is soft before doing this or you’ll just injure your face. :)

Another tip is for you to place boiling water on a bowl or container. Then place your face near the water. DON’T PUT YOUR FACE IN THE BOILING WATER. LOL. Just let the steam from the boiling water go to your face. And then you’ll feel your pores open up. Then you can squeeze those blackheads out using your thumb and pointing finger. :))

And when you’re done, wash your face. And then open the refrigerator and place your face near the freezer!!!! Hahaha. When the boiling water opened your pores, the cold air from the freezer will close them. :)


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