July 22, 2012

BIGBANG in Manila 2012

Posted by Sashi at 4:37 AM
After hearing the news that BIGBANG will soon land their feet in Manila, Philippines for their Alive Galaxy Tour 2012 on October 24, 2012. I really felt bad for myself 'coz I cannot go. I know it's once in a lifetime but I just can't. The ticket prices for the concert is too pricey (with tax...LOL)!! I just can't complain 'coz BIGBANG is BIGBANG! You know what I mean guys. :)

So, if you're not aware with the ticket prices, check it out VIPs:

VIP Seated – 12,500
VIP Standing – 10,000
Lower Box A (Center) – 7,500
Lower Box B (Sides) – 6,500
Upper Box – 3,500 —> equivalent to Upper B ng Araneta
Gen Ad – 1,000
** plus SM ticketing charges

 I even told my unnie about this, 'coz she asked me a month ago, to inform  her once the ticket prices already released. But looks like she is backing out, it's not about the pricey tickets but it has something to do with her work, so yeah. :(

I wanna cry! ;A;


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